GiliSoft File Lock 12.0
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GiliSoft File Lock 12.0

Protects files, folders, documents privacy by securing them
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Places a password upon your data, all your files and folders will request a password when accessed and same goes for drives. Besides encryption level, monitoring your data is another feature provided, in case you are the administrator of a company you can check if any changes have been made to a disk or a folder.

Gilisoft File Lock can help you protect your privacy by securing files, folders or complete drives. The first time you use this application, you will be prompted to provide an access password. To my surprise, only alphanumeric characters are allowed that makes passwords easier to crack. From then on, you should use this password every time you wish to enter the program. In case you forget your password, you can always retrieve it via e-mail.
The interface is really easy to use so you will not need to consult the online help. Instead of crowding the interface with different elements, the program’s features have been adequately compartmentalized using a navigation pane, which allows you to go straight to the desired group of functions. These groups are Hide Data, Deny Read, Deny Write, Monitor and Settings. The functions included in the first three groups can easily be intuited from their names, and each of them is available for files, folders and drives. The Monitor group lets you watch folders; this means that the program monitors the selected folders and provide a list of the related events. Finally, you can also use Settings to change your password, create an exclusion list and set protection parameters. In this respect, you can tell the program what to do when someone enters the wrong password more than five times, like sending automatic notifications to your e-mail account or blocking the program login for 10 minutes. In addition, enabling the stealth mode makes the program invisible for users as an extra security measure to guarantee no one even knows you are hiding something.
I tested the program and it successfully hid and locked the selected files, which were not accessible locally or from the network. I also tested the recover password feature, and it did not take too long before I received a message with my “forgotten” password.
Unlike Gilosoft File Lock Pro, this application does not encrypt your files and folders, which is an advantage and a drawback at the same time. Not applying encryption ensures that, in case of program crash, your data can be recovered more easily but the worst thing is that it also makes your information more vulnerable to cracking.

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Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It provides different protection levels
  • It allows to recover your password easily
  • It integrates with the system through the contextual menu


  • It only allows alphanumeric characters when creating a password
  • It does not use encryption


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